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Jackie Mac on Baby: “He drove [the Celtics] crazy”

It gets no clearer than what Jackie MacMullan said about Glen Davis on the WEEI today.

“You have wonder what was going on inside his head. He had a weight clause in his contract and he had to keep a certain weight. You take a picture of Big Baby from November to April and it’s pretty startling. … So what that tells me is, he had this weight clause and he kept missing it and he kept paying them out, fine after fine after fine. He drove them crazy over there, there’s no question about it.

“Shaq had some insight to that, they considered him somewhat of a selfish player trying to get his numbers in his free agent year. Clearly he did not live up the conditioning rules and regulations that they set for him. I think there’s a high level of frustration over there about Big Baby about what he did, or more appropriately, what he didn’t do for them, especially in the postseason. Now having said all of that, if you get him for dirt cheap, do you take him back? I don’t know how perturbed Doc Rivers is about him because I haven’t really asked him about Big Baby for a while. My gut is that he won’t be back.”

There's a simple rule with the Celtics and Doc Rivers: You put the team first.  Baby got away from that in a big way (figuratively and literally).  The problem is, the Glen Davis that started last season was pretty good.  I'd love to have that guy back on the team.  The Glen Davis we saw at the end can get the hell out of here and never come back. 

As I've said a million times on this site… Baby with his head on straight is really good.  Otherwise, he's better off somewhere else (maybe Detroit?).

By the way, check out the MacMullan link.  She touches on a lot like resting KG, Jeff Green's future, and how the short schedule might work out well.  

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  • Offensive AND defensive liability. He’s going to be terrible withouth HOFers on his team. He’s a headcase and as inconsistent as players come.

  • Jackie Mac also said last year there was a 0% chance of the C’s signing Jermaile Oneal. Great writer, not sure of her insider status though.