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Extend-And-Trade Not So Easy Anymore

At this time a year ago, the NBA world was partially held hostage by Carmelo Anthony's relentless efforts to get out of Denver. Every day there were rumors about where he was heading. One of the reasons for the extended lockout were because of the Melo situation but even more so because of the LeBron James fiasco that lasted several years. This season was supposed to hold the same sweepstakes for Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Deron Williams. It still might happen, but it won't be as easy.

Howard Beck of the New York Times outlines several key points of the new CBA, including the extend-and-trade type of deal:

Options and trades: The league dropped its ban on player options and extend-and-trade deals. But a player who wants an extension as part of a trade will be limited to three years, instead of four, with raises of 4.5 percent, instead of 7.5 percent.

So now, if Howard REALLY wants to go play for the Lakers (like Melo wanted so badly to get to New York), then he'd not only lose a year on his contract extension, but would also lose 3 percent per year for those three years of the extension.

It might not seem like a ton at first glance, but when you're talking about several millions of dollars on a max contract and the fact that they just lost money from the lockout then it will make them think longer and harder before forcing their way out.

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  • Great news for us. We don’t want to see him get traded before he hits free agency.

  • D

    Back of the napkin calculation…
    Max Year 1 salary is going to be about $17.4 mil. The difference over the first 3 years would be negligible (about $1.5mm). It’s the 4th guaranteed year at $21.3mm that would be the tough one for some players to turn down. For someone like DHoward, who would want to hit free agency as frequently as possible, I’m not sure this is such a big deal.

  • OK, so how do we pick up a Battier/Prince and a Nene/DeAndre Jordan? Bye bye Baby and Green?

  • So how do we pick up a Battier/Prince and Nene/DeAndre Jordan? Bye bye Baby and Green?