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China playing hardball with NBA guys

Here's a (not so) shocking development regarding NBA players who signed contracts with Chinese teams during the lockout:

Chinese teams have shown no inclination to let Kenyon Martin, Wilson Chandler, JR Smith, Etc., out of contracts, sources tell Y! Sports.

They all signed agreements that they would have to play in China until season ends in March. They can't sign NBA contracts without releases.

If strategy becomes to make themselves problems there — or In Smith's case, a bigger problem — teams can fine, suspend them, without pay.

As official says: "They can play, get paid (in China), and return to NBA in March. Or they can not get paid, and return to NBA in March."

Adrian Wojnarowski

I don't fault these guys for signing in China. The CBA negotiations were a mess and athletes have a limited window of earning potential. They took the sure thing – Chinese cash.

But don't cry now that the NBA is back in business. Man up and honor the deal. This ain't America, the land where corporations cave under the tiniest public/media pressure. China is… how shall I say it… a bit hardline and extreme.

See you in March.

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  • so how does this work when they come back? can any team sign them?

  • I just wanna say for prob the 5th time on here- JR Smith can take his 1-dimensional 3-jacking game somewhere other than Boston. I have nothing against the guy personally, just cant stand his game. Wilson Chandler & KMart would both be welcome additions in my book.