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Celtics “Looking Very Hard” at Tyson Chandler?

Earlier tonight on NBATV's primetime show called "Gametime," host Matt Winer reeled off a Top 5 list of questions to NBA reporter David Aldridge.  The 4th item on the list (in ascending order) asked about two free agents from the world champion Dallas Mavericks: Tyson Chandler and Caron Butler.

Without being prodded to name teams, Aldridge described how the Celtics don't have many players signed (true), are in desperate need for a center (no offense, Jermaine) and that they are "looking very hard at Tyson Chandler."

Take that for what you will, and you can even watch the video below to judge for yourselves, but it would certainly be huge if Danny Ainge could somehow pull that off.  Maybe it's tied to the sign-and-trade rumors that Sean Deveney of the Sporting News first reported.  Maybe Ainge has even crazier ideas.  Either way, if they were to land Chandler, Rondo would be loving his new alley-oop partner.  It would most likely destroy any dreams of Dwight Howard in green however, even if that is a long shot to begin with.  Stay tuned.


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  • If Danny gets Tyson Chandler then I might have to change my username to Rondo To Chandler. It’d be an alley-oop fest with him on the team. He’s very athletic for his size.

  • Rondo wont be texting Perk everyday anymore…

  • Chandler is perfect, and would fit in great. Why would the NBA champions ever let him go, though?

  • Why oh whyyy would the Celtics sign anybody for more than one year?
    They will be the only big market team that can get Dwight and Dwight would love going to Boston.
    Why throw that away?
    I think DA is just guessing…

  • Mark Cuban was at Tavern in the Square in Allston tonight (yes I know very Random spot to see him) Had a chance to say hi to him, he said he was trying to get Paul Pierce on the Mavs.. Could danny be working a deal here? Complete shot in the dark cause I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not but worth keeping in mind

  • you know your life is awesome when you hop on sports blogs and make up lies to get a rise out of people. sweet life bro.

  • Copy that but stil me-no-hatee

  • Would love to have Chandler but I dont see Cuban letting him get away after a championship run. According to realgm.com, Ainge is also pursuing Dwight Howard. My question would be, with what?
    Damn it is so good to have NBA hoops back and crazy rumors abounding!