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A breakdown of how a 66 game season will work


Pending agreement, season to open Dec. 25 | NBA.com via kwout

There it is… the dreaded "back-to-back-to-back" scenario.  

The Celtics were terrible.. HORRIBLE… last season in back to backs.  Now you're going to add one more to that mix?  That's bad news. If there are three?  Those are six games you can already look at as potential losses.  In a 66 game schedule.. that's a big number.

Worse news, though, is a second round back-to-back situation.  I can live with that in the regular season.  But that is going to make the road to any possible title very difficult.

I hope I'm wrong, I'm definitely on the negative side when it comes to how this schedule will affect the Celtics.  It's just not looking good right now.

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  • Have to agree. Alot of folks are all “the short-season will favor the Celtics..”. But I’m all “back to backs and btbtbs will kill us.” Oh well-at least they’ve chosen to show-up this year. *shrugs*

  • another factor will be who we actually play and where. Sounds more like football where some teams play a tougher schedule. I’m interested to see how much the NBA package will be this year.

  • How these games go is dependent on who the Celtics are playing! All teams are not young like the Bulls and may have more injuries or may be after another back to back. We will have to see the schedule when it comes out. By the way, how long do we have to wait to see a schedule? I want to line up some games!

  • Ray is 36…KG is 35…Paul is 34…Jermaine is 33 and crippled.
    Let`s keep it real : Danny is the captain of the Titanic!

  • 2 months for playoffs, and they have to play back-to-backs? What am I missing?