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Trading Perk was a financial decision

By now the Kendrick Perkins trade has become more legendary than when Ed Macualey was traded for Bill Russell and when Red Auerbach traded their draft pick to Golden State for Robert Parish and Kevin McHale combined. The attention it has received is beyond absurd. So naturally, we'll give it one last tidbit of attention.

Jackie MacMullan's book with Shaq has already been discussed from here to Miami and LA and back, and that was before it was officially released. She recently conducted an online chat over at ESPN and one person (Marc from Malden, MA) asked her about the Perk trade:

Interesting that Shaq was paranoid about Danny's phone call. It seems like Ainge was checking with Shaq one more time regarding his return.

At any rate, the trade was basically done because he didn't want to pay Perk, and thus potentially filling up any cap space available for the summer of 2012. Nobody truly knows how much Perk wanted to be paid to stay here, and time will tell if Ainge was right. I still believe that when Tony Allen slipped away, it caused the 'Perk Trade' domino effect to begin its motion. 

I have a tough time believing a lot of things Shaq says (even if it's written by Jackie Mac), but this is something that seems logical to me. Otherwise we will incessantly smash our heads into a wall trying to figure out why Ainge pulled the trigger on Perk.

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  • Well, yeah.
    Despite the urban legend that has turned Perkins into the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain, four years at $36 large is an absurd price for the return the Thunder got last year – and will get in the future from his offensively-challenged self.

  • good point- dwight howard said the same thing

  • You Danny Defenders just never stop, do you? NO ONE EVER EVER EVER SAID THAT PERKINS WAS A GREAT PLAYER. But he WAS unquestionably a key role player for us. Even so, he may not have been worth whatever money he wanted, or he may have been, but either way, the decision to move him should NEVER EVER EVER have been made on the verge of the playoffs, and you damn well know it.

  • Good point, sure, only it’s totally irrelevant.

  • Listen, anyone paying attention knew from the moment the Perkins trade was announced that it was about Perkins’ contract, NOT about basketball, and on the verge of the playoffs, that was unconscionable.
    As for why Shaq put Ainge on speakerphone (and I think he probably did), that’s pretty freaking obvious, isn’t it? What Shaq is saying, without saying it, is that he knew that Danny wanted him, Shaq, to provide cover for what both of them knew was a terrible, indefensible move.

  • I can understand not wanting to pay Posey big dough for that many years at the end of his career. I can kinda understand not wanting to pay Perk 9-mil a year to play 28 minutes, but hey, thats’s the going rate for a starting center- there’s worse deals out there.
    The think I’m still pissed about is letting TA go for 1 extra year at 2.5 mil. That’s chichen-shit dough to have kept a guy who can check BOTH of Miami’s big guns (not at the same time obviously). I know Tony wanted a bigger role, but he coulda been enticed to stay. The C’s hang their hats on defense, but they don’t seem to want to pay for it, unless the guys name is KG.