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Paul Pierce reportedly interested in Spanish teams

With the CBA negotiations now buried in the judicial system, Paul Pierce has reportedly turned his attention to playing overseas. The following story appeared in I dropped the text into this Spanish-English translator and…

Paul Pierce, NBA Finals MVP of the NBA of 2008 at the Boston Celtics and one of the current stars of the Boston Celtics, is in the orbit of Unicaja Málaga and CAI Zaragoza has advanced Paco García Caridad Radio brand.

'The Truth', which has been one of the main leading to dissolve the Trade Union of players and owners sued for violating the anti monopoly Act, has expressed his desire to play abroad during the lockout to its agents and has become particularly interested in playing at Spain.

So things, Unicaja and CAI Zaragoza have been the first Club to move tab with a view to the possible signing of Paul Pierce, who has a large contract with the Celtics ($ 15.3 million this campaign, 16.8 million follows and 15.3 in 2013-14, according to Hoopshype). The operation, of course, would require high insurance in case of possible damage.

More big names are starting to explore playing overseas. Kevin Durant is in talks with a German team. Luol Den and Kevin Love may join Deron Williams in Turkey. The Chinese want J.J. Barea (and most likely his Miss Universe girlfriend).

I'm sure these reports are aimed at getting the owners back to the bargaining table, but the threat of playing overseas hasn't worked so far.

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