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Delonte West needs health insurance

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13 dependents? 

This is a good example of the pressure some of these guys are facing. They take care of a lot of people.

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  • I don’t think Delonte can count his unemployed friends as dependents.

  • wait, he made about $1 million last year right? and over his career has made about $14 million ( i don’t care if he paid half in taxes and blew half of what’s left, that would still leave $3.5 million. you know how long i could pay my mortgage and buy health insurance if i had $3.5 million? i understand some of these guys are under pressure, but if they’ve been in the league a while and have made millions, any pressure they’re under is entirely on them. and that’s not to say i feel for the owners, either.
    so what am i missing? why should i be bothered that delonte is working at home depot or worried about health insurance?

  • I like Delonte as a player but I’m getting really tired of his act. If you’re so god-damn broke, sell that 3-wheeler or some of those guns you roll with. If he actually had to do a real job, he prob. wouldnt last a day without going home hurt. At this point, I hope he drives his luxary sled and his loser posse of hanger-oners back to Cleveland for some crispy-creme doughnuts and his next minimum deal.

  • D West does not work at Home Depot….he claims he applied there, which was an obvious ruse for Delonte to tweet what he thinks is funny.

  • lee you bitter? you got any idea how much work delonte put in to be as good a ball player as he is? shut the fuck up

  • I’m not bitter, I actually like his game when he’s healthy. And I have no idea how hard he works. All I know is the crap he himself posts….he likes to drive his hummer through the drive-though for chicken in the middle of the night, he likes crisp cremes doughnuts, kicking it in his fancy crib with his boys (dependents), and pretending to do things like apply for jobs and move furniture. I’m just tired of Delonte acting like it would suck to be a regular guy in the world, not rhe NBAer that he is. Does anyone really think any of that crap is real? Well if it is, he really will be broke 6 weeks after he retires.
    As for your comment on shutting the eff up, keep your head up son, 9th grade will be alot better than 8th.

  • It’s very hard to sympathize with his plight, given his access to resources. erik, Delonte West may work hard, but so do thousands of other people in this nation who do not make the money West has made. They do not have access to the same amount of resources.
    And frankly, these players were warned about a lockout two years ago. In fact, if they were insightful and proactive, they would have prepared on their own without the cajoling of their financial advisers.
    But this situation proves that many of these players are no different than the average American – uninspired and lacking vision of what could be. If you aren’t prepared for the worst case scenario, you’re just not prepared for anything.

  • Lee as much as it can mean over a comment board, sorry for the harsh tone and language. I suppose I decided to let out my lockout frustration on a message board to someone I dont know. Like you,
    I enjoy(love) Delonte as a player. From the numerous interviews with him that I have seen, although to some he has an unusual sense of humor, he honestly seems like a good person. Some of his tweets may seem off putting, but no matter who you are, we all have our problems. Really all I wanted to say is I hope when Celtics basketball starts back up Delonte is with the team. Sorry again. Thank you Dre for speaking up as well.

  • Agreed, we could all use some hoops about now. That “9th grade” crack wasny exactly my finest hour, and I apologize for it. Hopefully we’ll all be watching rhe C’s soon, although the chances seem slimmer everyday.