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Your Morning Dump… The NBA explains its proposal to the fans

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver went on Twitter and talked everything from contraction (which has been discussed) to sending players to the D-League at slashed salaries (which isn’t in the proposal).

Among those asking: Miami’s Dwyane Wade and Philadelphia’s Spencer Hawes. One of Hawes’ questions was “since we have covered all of your alleged losses(and more)why am I not getting ready for a game tonight.” The league said it disagreed with the premise.

Wade asked, “why are all your “system solutions” only impacting the PLAYERS?? What have the owners (given) up of significance??” The NBA responded, “The economics & system favored the players in prior CBA,” then again said team losses topped $300 million last season.

Someone asked if the league would consider replacement players. The answer: “Our goal is a season with our current players.” Another wanted to know if contracts would become void if the NBPA decertifies, and the league said yes.

Next came a 92-second video the NBA posted to YouTube, which showed projections for a $7.7 million average salary for players in the 10th year of the current proposed deal and even had a hypothetical breakdown of what a team may look like in 2013-14, with a “superstar” making $17 million, an “All-Star” making $14 million, other starters making between $8-10 million and with a total payroll of about $77 million.

ESPN – Union to meet Monday to discuss offer

Credit David Stern and the NBA for using social media to explain the league’s position to the fans and media. A 7-page summary of the CBA proposal was also leaked to USA Today.

If you watch the video and read this article by the NY Times Howard Beck, the proposal appears fair and good for the league. But it reeks of propoganda.

The union will meet today with players to discuss the latest proposal. Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski reports B-list issues may kill this deal:

If the players were to vote to accept the terms of the owners’ current proposal, the litany of B-list issues – including contraction, drug testing, Developmental League assignments and draft age eligibility – would still have to be agreed upon.

There’s a growing belief that Stern doesn’t have the ownership support to pass the very proposal he’s been pushing all weekend, and that owners would ultimately kill this deal with the list of non-negotiable B-list issues the players would oppose. This way, the league can say it worked hard to cut a fairer deal with players, but in the end, the owners will get the draconian ‘reset’ proposal that many of them have wanted all along.

“A lot of teams – more all the time – don’t like the deal on the table,” one high-ranking league official said.

IF the players somehow accept this offer, but ownership doesn’t, my head just might explode.

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  • Sign it. More to lose by losing the season.
    Not saying the season would be on by now, but I’d have more empathy for the players if they took this more seriously earlier on.