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Your Morning Dump… Iverson wants to join the Celtics

IversoncsEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

“I have already spoken to Allen about that and many other opportunities, and of course he would be interested in anywhere in the NBA but Boston is particularly attractive to him,’’ (agent Gary) Moore said, “because of Danny Ainge, the organization, and one of the most respected coaches he knows in the business in Doc Rivers.

“He has the utmost respect for Doc Rivers and the current roster of players. Allen would relish the opportunity to play in that organization.’’

Moore said Iverson has regained his desire to play, resolved his personal problems, and will accept a bench role.

Globe  - A place on Celtics bench would sit well with Iverson

No, no, no, no, no and no.

Spare me the rhetoric about "desire to play." I'm betting Iverson wants back in, because he needs the money. And that's not a good reason to come to Boston. The Celtics need "team guys" who want to win a championship. Iverson has never been a team guy. Never. Ever.

Some will argue there's no harm in signing Iverson to a veteran minimum contract. If he acts up, waive him. Ok… but the Celtics need a dependable guard to back-up Rajon Rondo and/or Ray Allen. What if they break camp with Iverson in that slot and a month into the season, the Celtics are forced to cut him loose? Then what? 

Yes, I realize salary cap restrictions (pending a CBA) require the Cs to take a flyer on veteran guys. But not guys like Iverson. 

Their margin for error has never been smaller. Just say no to AI.

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  • We signed Marbury, Nate Robinson, Von Wafer, Shaq and Delonte. All them guys didn’t produce as expected basketball wise but their behavior and demeanor with the Celtics impressed every skeptic. I say take him with the vet’s min and sign Delonte. That’s a nasty 1-2 punch in the starting backcourt of any team, now imagine that coming off the bench.

  • I would actually consider this….I think the events of the past year have humbled AI to the point where he just wants to go out a winner. Maybe a 2nd unit with AI could work. Hopefully Delonte is back with the C’s and doesnt miss half the year with injuries.

  • Wow actual basketball talk and debate for a second I thought the lockout was over, my 2 cents no Iverson

  • If you were just going based on pure history, this would not be a good move. But the thing is, you can’t compare those other veteran signings the Celtics had with signing Iverson. To go through the list:
    1. Marbury: had sat out for about 5 months without playing ANY sort of basketball and then they just hoped that he would come in and be able to produce in an NBA postseason. As stated above, he was all about the team when he got here, he just didn’t produce on the court for this reason.
    2. Nate Robinson: Definitely not a complete bust. They brought him in to win a playoff game for them, which he did against Orlando. Yes, he struggled by the end, but he had already done what they asked him to do.
    3. Von Wafer: I dont think anyone had high hopes. Plus, comparing him to Allen Iverson is a travesty.
    4. Delonte West: We know that he is injury prone. They knew that when they signed him and sure enough he was injured for most of the year. Was not really a problem in the locker room, and in fact, almost won them a playoff game single handedly in the heat series.
    5. Shaq: Was playing out of his mind at the beginning of the year and the Celtics were cruising when he was healthy. The problem was just about everyone and their grandmother knew he was going to get hurt besides Danny Ainge. If the Celtics had not banked on him staying healthy and kept Perkins, I don’t think we’d be saying that signing Shaq was a bad idea.
    My point is, these situations don’t compare at all to signing Iverson basketball-wise. Iverson is not injury prone and he has almost always produced. In the right system, with the right people surrounding him, it’s worth a shot. The fact is, there’s not many other guys out there that would be likely to work out better basketball wise in free agency. This team has one more year so let’s go all in.

  • I gagged a little when I saw Iverson in DJ’s #3.

  • Wow. Well-said Jake..

  • now that’s well said!

  • I’m tired of being forced to root for assholes and burnouts. (I’m surprised nobody put Rasheed in their lists)
    If you believe he’s “resolved his personal problems”, you’re in for a rude awakening. His whole existence is a personal problem.
    I say pass, and save ourselves the headache.