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Red’s Army Rewind: The old Boston Garden

MrTrpleDouble10, our video guy extraordinaire, passes this along.  I assume this was done for a Celtics/Bulls game or series.  My favorite part of this: 

"When I first came here, they didn't have the regular baskets you see now.  They were wired to the railings of the loges, so every now and then a fan would shake them.  The baskets would move… so you can imagine which basket they shook."

— Rudy "Spider Edwards", former Garden Maintenance Supervisor

The old Garden was a sight to behold.  I was only able to get to a couple of games there.  I saw Shaq when he was with the Magic, and it didn't cost very much at all.  The atmosphere was very different.  The construction of the building made it that way.  Everyone was on top of one another.  The place was just crazy.  

It's different now.  And in a lot of ways it's better, and in a lot of ways it's not.  We're not going to get another building like that, but the good thing is we didn't lose the passion of the fans.  So the construction of the building doesn't matter if the fans can make it a living hell for the opponent.  

Still, though, I wish a lot of you could have experienced the old Garden.  It sure was something.

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