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KG and Pierce are helping Ricky Rubio

Kevin Garnett still loves Minnesota.  He loves it so much that's he's actually helping the Timberwolves by working out with what they hope is their franchise point guard.  

Six thousand miles from home and perhaps even farther yet from his first NBA game, Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio has prepped in Los Angeles for his new life and new league by scrimmaging with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce by day and — at least just once — visiting the city's freak shows by night.

"I like to lead a normal life," the 21-year-old from Spain said in a telephone interview from L.A. on an unusual rainy Friday afternoon, "but I went to Hollywood Boulevard for Halloween and everybody was dressing up and it was fun. It was amazing all the people that were there. I really liked it."

I figured the freak show was going to be a stop at Ron Artest Metta World Peace's house.

I can't believe Rubio's only 21.  I feel like we've been talking about him for 10 years now.  I say good for KG and Paul for helping the kid out.  It shows that these guys have fully embraced their roles as the NBA's elder statesmen.  

Plus, it also serves as a little up close scouting.  Don't think KG won't bank all of Rubio's tendencies for later.  Garnett and Pierce will both give Rajon Rondo the full breakdown of what Rubio was thinking during these scrimmages, what his comfort zone is, what he relies on when the shit hits the fan, and everything else about his game.  Rondo will know to anticipate certain things based on the conversations these guys had with him. 

Rubio's game still needs a bunch of work.  It's nice to see KG and Pierce stepping up and helping a young kid out.  And in the end, the kid plays in Minnesota, so he's no threat, really.  

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  • only if the knicks could swindle kahn into trading for him

  • got worried there for a minute, the whole time I was thinking “its the woolvvess..”, phew.

  • PP and KG are the perfect duo to work with Rubio…they gave been playing for the last 4 years with a flashy PG who cant shoot a lick.