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Your Morning Dump… Where the players union is a mess

Chuck - Red's Army November 2, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Your Morning Dump… Where the players union is a mess

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After Billy Hunter made the grand stand of marching out of Friday’s bargaining session, refusing to negotiate below 52 percent of the NBA’s revenue split, a strong movement within the Players Association emerged that vowed the union will never let him act so unilaterally again.

From superstars to midlevel players to rookies, there’s an unmistakable push to complete the final elements of the system and take this labor deal to the union’s 400-plus membership. Beyond that, there’s an even larger movement to push Hunter, the Players Association’s executive director, out the door once these labor talks are done. All hell’s broken loose within the union, and no one is exactly sure how they’re going to get a deal to the finish line.

“Billy can’t just say it’s 52 or nothing, and walk out again,” one league source involved with the talks told Yahoo! Sports. “That will not happen again. It’s time that the players get to make a decision on this, and there won’t be another check lost before they do.”

If there’s one more round of game cancellations, owners are privately threatening what Stern publicly promised: a worse offer. That’s why a deal needs to get done sooner than later. From inside and outside, the union is teetering.

Yahoo! Sports

Politics, pride and ego are destroying the players union. This sickens me. We are witnesses a soap opera where grown men are more concerned about image than basketball.

This is why the owners are holding firm on 50-50. They knew the players union would cave.

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