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Your Morning Dump… Where both sides are just being idiots now

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

If Hunter had been willing to move from 52.5 percent to 51 percent Friday, that would've been a $60 million concession in Year One of the deal to get back the lost games worth $400 million — a net gain of $340 million. Instead, the players decided it was better to lose the games, and thus $400 million, which made it a $740 million decision to walk out of the room without a deal.

If Stern had been willing to move from 50 percent and meet Hunter at 51, it would've been a $40 million concession for the owners to get their approximately $400 million share of the lost November games — a net gain of $360 million. But instead of offering to make the economic move Stern had said Thursday night he was prepared to make, he decided it was better to lose the $400 million — a net swing of $760 million. So collectively, Hunter and Stern cost their business $1.5 billion by walking away without a deal Friday.

CBS: Season takes another hit as owners, players refuse to close deal

Well of course this has taken another absurd turn.  We should have seen this coming.  The news at this time yesterday was too good.  There was too much hope.  No matter how much I begged the universe to spare us another BS turn of events… it happened.

This lockout has ceased to be about the financial overhaul of the NBA.  Actually, this was probably never about the financial overhaul of the NBA.  These negotiations have been about whipping it out and seeing whose is bigger.  It's an ego-driven mess that has now cost us more the a month of games. 

Now, we're stuck with both sides staring at each other over 2.5%.  Instead of ACTUALLY NEGOTIATING, both sides are digging in.  The owners have won this thing.  They're getting so much of what they wanted. At this point, they're getting almost 5% more of the revenue than last season.  They're getting an amnesty clause and an exception that lets them cut someone and spread out the cap hit.  The luxury tax will be more punitive than before, no matter what shape it takes.  

The players meanwhile, have given up a ton.  At this point, giving up another 1% of the BRI makes virtually no difference at all.  There are systemic issues that they should still fight for (like the owners proposed elimination of exceptions for luxury-tax paying teams) but to dig in over this as a way to save face is dumb. 

The whole thing is dumb.  Small market owners (and depending on who you talk to, Wyc Grousebeck too) are stalling this like little kids stomping their feet and holding their breath.  Stop trying to spin things after talks break down and come up with a deal already.  We're all sick of this.

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