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Your Morning Dump… Where fighting over 3% BRI is retarded

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The NBA is a business that brought in $4.2 billion last season, and the owners and players are a mere $100 million per season apart on the financial side of their negotiations. They will lose $800 million by wiping out a month of the schedule, yet that is what they seem to be intent on doing to show what tough negotiators they are. (It is worth noting that the only people making money from the NBA lockout are the law firms representing the two sides).

Burning down the village in order to save it? Yep.

By now you should be familiar with what is keeping the sides apart. The owners are offering a 50/50 split of basketball related income; the players are asking for 52.5 percent. Each percentage point equals $40 million. Do the math, and it’s $100 million per year.

Sheridan Hoops

To be fair, that $100 million per year needs to be extrapolated over the course of the CBA and that will likely be 6 years. $600 million is still not enough to put an entire season at risk. Just ask Michael Beasley:

"Fighting over 3 percent, that's kind of retarded to me," said Michael Beasley, who scored a game-high 56 points. "But it is what is. We'll come to an agreement."

Sheridan also examines all the modifications to the salary cap system. One change I like is the loosening of the trade rules:

Trade rules: Under the old system, the salaries of players being traded had to be within 125 percent of each other (if both trading teams were over the salary cap). This rule will be loosened considerably, although a final formula has not been agreed to. The players want the percentage to rise to 225 percent (whereby, for instance, a player making $1 million could be traded for a player making $2.25 million), while the owners have indicated a willingness to allow the percentage to rise to 140 or 150 percent — although teams paying the luxury tax would have a tighter restraint.

More trades = more fun for fans.

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  • Is the trade issue irrelevant if the luxury tax/implied-hard-cap is still a show stopper?