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Your Morning Dump… Where the Greeks don’t want KG

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.  

Panathinaikos_basketballPAO is Greek powerhouse Panathanaikos, which, as you can see from the photo, shares the shamrock logo and green & white uniform colors.  So it's good to see KG keeping some sort of symmetry in his overseas requests.

Then again, I guess it depends on what that tweet actually means.  Did the agent call and say "please take KG" and they said "no freakin' way"…. or did they actually have talks that ultimately went nowhere? 

Regardless, this is the first I've heard of KG actually pursuing overseas interests.  Panathanaikos is perennially in the championship mix in Greece, so they don't necessarily need to make big splashes like this. The European defectors have largely gone to more middle-of-the-road teams looking to cash in on the excitement of an NBA'er playing for them.

And besides, I don't want KG playing anywhere.  The last thing I need to see in the middle of all this crap is a report about KG hurting his knee while playing for the wrong shamrock.  We're all better off for this not actually coming to fruition.

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  • well you had to know i was gonna comment on this post..thank god he didnt go to Panathanaikos..that would have left me very conflicted..but youre right…they dont need him and he wouldnt fit in at all.

  • KG doe not even need the money anyways considering he’s set for life and still gets his money despite the NBA lockout. That’s what pissed me off when he decided to open his big fat mouth resulting in the NBA missing games.

  • I know. People don’t understand that Panathanaikos and Olympiakos are like Lakers/Celtics. Since I know we’re both Olympiakos guys, this would have hurt

  • Well, given that we’re talking about overseas basketball… E’Twaun Moore and Scalabrine are on national tv right now here in Italy. Moore is playing poorly (0-5 FG), Scal has 16 points and counting…