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This picture just sums things up

Fisher facepalm

The facepalm.  

I've been sitting here trying to summon words that make sense.  Words that don't come off as another rant.  I just can't do it. 

But that photo sums it up nicely for me. 

I can't believe we're here.  With so much money at stake. With so much momentum to make even more. I simply cannot believe we're at this point, with both sides choosing weapons for a draw at high noon rather than playing exhibition games. 

I would have thought that, from the ownership side, a 4 or 5 year deal that saw significant union concessions and tweaks to the infrastructure that move the league towards greater profitability and parity made sense.  After this deal ended, if the progress wasn't enough, then you try again and ask the players to move even more. This way, you can keep building on the popularity the sport had gained.  You could keep the flow of money coming in.  You could preserve the good will of the fans.

But the owners want it all and they want it now.  If Paul Allen had owned the Sistine Chapel, he'd have fired Michelangelo for dilly-dallying.  That's how impatient these guys are.

It doesn't even matter anymore if the season starts next week, next month, or next year.  The damage is done. Fans are spent.  The vitriol after last night's talks flipped the switch.  No one's on the fence anymore.  Fans are either still paying attention, or they're gone.   

Players have moved enough to make a deal.  They even moved off their 53% of the BRI demand to propose a sliding scale between 50-53%.  They're coming up with ideas and negotiating.  The other side, however, isn't.  Sadly, this was their plan all along.  All of these meetings have just been for show.  It's obvious we were never going to have a full season.  David Stern was never going to let that happen unless everyone bowed before him.  

The players didn't.  And they shouldn't.  Nor should we.  

David Stern wanted this to be his grandest moment.  He wanted this to be the time where he revolutionized the NBA.  Instead, he may be killing it slowly right before our very eyes. 

Maybe that wasn't a facepalm after all.  Maybe he just didn't want to see what is about to happen to the sport.

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  • I’m amazed you neglected to mention the 75k diamond-plated ring on Maurice “please don’t ask me any questions, please don’t ask me any questions” Evans’ non-shooting hand.

  • Actually, that looks like Ray Allen with his wedding ring. I like what you thought you were doing though.

  • so?

  • Sick of the posturing. They lied, we were ready, they weren’t. It’s insulting as a fan to be expected to buy any of this crap from either side. I don’t feel bad for the players or the owners. They could and should have dealt with this months ago, but like politics (it’s just how it’s always been), they sat around and vacationed. If they were motivated to have a season they would have one. Period. However they don’t give a shit about the fans because they assume (know) we will be there whenever they come back. I will turn the TV on for the first game, hell it will probably beat any of last regular seasons’ ratings because they held out! DAMNIT!
    So really, they have US by the balls. And they are taking their sweet time because of it. We’re the ones getting screwed yet we aren’t at the negotiation table. And our love of the game, in the absence of theirs, is why there is money to even be negotiated over in the first place. Pretty ironic as I see it, our love of hoops is the constant. Us flipping on the TV is why they have billions to talk about. And what should we do?

  • The damage is done,and I feel numb about what’s happening. The time,and money we put into the game we love means nothing to the owners. We our fans,and were also a customer. Good rant by the way.

  • What’s with the lame reply? It’s as simple as that: it’s amazing you failed to mention the absurd jewelry on Evans’ hand. You swish the obvious face-palm no problem, but brick the glaring detail that gift-wraps this whole ridiculous lock-out. Evans may be hiding his face and keeping his mouth sealed, but his gargantuan ring is consummating a lot more than his marriage; it’s completing the visual of how middling-ass NBA players are earning way too much mula. Sure, a millionaire can realistically afford such a ring, but its gaudiness exemplifies sheer insane luxury, and the notion that something is definitely not right with the current CBA.