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I can’t believe Rondo doesn’t wear ankle braces


SLAM Magazine has re-published a summer interview with Rajon Rondo. The Celtics point guard talks about his sneaker - Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011. What really catches my attention is the lack of ankle support.

KICKS: As far as shoes go, what was more important to you earlier on?

RR: Pretty much, I loved low-cuts. Since the Hyperfuse, I’ve been in mid-tops. But I go back and forth every once in a while. But the most important thing is ankle support. I like to support my ankle but still be able to move. The Hyperfuse are very light so I’m able to do what I do best as far as my quickness and me being able to get up and down the floor.

KICKS: Is this the lightest shoe you’ve ever worn?

RR: It’s up there. It’s a mid-top shoe, so it’s a little bit heavier, but it’s pretty light. It’s probably the lightest mid- or high-top shoe I’ve ever played in.

KICKS: Did you wear low-tops growing up, or have you always needed the ankle support?

RR: I always wore low-tops. In college I went back and forth between the Huaraches and low-cuts. But pretty much low-cuts.

KICKS: And the main reason you wore the low-cuts was just because of the weight?

RR: Yeah, the weight.

KICKS: You’ve played in the Hyperfuse; how does it help you to be more effective?

RR: Honestly, I don’t even wear an ankle brace when I’m in the Hyperfuse. Not to say that’s a great thing, but they’re pretty supportive with my ankles, and I haven’t had any problems with my ankles with the Hyperfuse.

Ankle support must be a generational concept. I cannot fathom wearing mid-top sneakers without an ankle brace. Back in the day, guys used to tape and wear braces. And high-tops were mandatory. None of this loose-fitting, low-cut crap. 

Rondo says he hasn't had any ankle problems wearing the Hyperfuse. He does have a history of ankle problems. I wonder if an ankle brace or high-top would have helped with this sprained ankle? Or this one. Or this one. Let's not forget this one.

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  • he also didn’t lace up his shoes all the way up at the beginning of last season which as far as I’m concerned lead to his plantar fasciitis..it must be great to be 25 and know EVERYTHING like Rondo does..i didnt learn everything about everything until i was 30

  • see i never wore ankle braces it never messed with my game, but then again i don’t cut, jump, or move real fast. the only time i wear ankle braces is on the dance floor cause I do it all!!!!!!!!