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Your Morning Dump… Rondo is having the best summer of his life?

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Rondo has worked out feverishly at the University of Kentucky, and though he is not in true basketball shape because of a lack of a training camp, he is prepared for more extensive workouts when the lockout concludes.

Many of Rondo’s teammates are still smarting from the elimination by Miami, a series marred by Rondo’s freakish dislocated left elbow in Game 3. Remarkably, Rondo returned to that game and played in the final two of the series.

“I don’t try to say woulda, coulda – they beat us, 4-1, as simple as that,’’ he said. “I think it was all adrenaline to come back in the game where I hurt my elbow. The next game it wore off and I had to sit down a little bit.’’

Despite the recovery and lockout, Rondo said he has enjoyed his respite.

“This has been the best summer of my life, really,’’ he said. “Lockout or not, I’m still going to enjoy my life and do what I do best.’’

Globe – Rondo raring to go

Hmmm… NBA fans have been battered and bruised by a lockout which is threatening the entire season and Rondo is having the best summer of his life?

File this one under: Not the best choice of words. Somewhere his publicist is screaming.

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  • lay off the dude a little. It’s not his fault the boss locked the door. and have we really been battered and bruised? There’s a little more at stake here than our entertainment.

  • He got extended summer, recovered his body and had enough time for himself and his family. Sure he’s enjoying it. Lockout is out of his hands, so I don’t see why he should be miserable just for us to feel a bit better about it. He is enjoying his life, and we should enjoy ours, nothing wrong with that. Basketball should be our pleasure, but the lack of it shouldn’t demolish us, cause I’m sure every one of us, including players and owners, have at least one other thing in our life more important than it. I’m actually pleased with his honesty.

  • gotta agree with gfather and viva.

  • I also agree with above sentiments. The man clearly gave us his all and more last year. I’m glad he’s having such a good summer.

  • rondo played better in that series with a dislocated elbow he was awful in the series up to that point. Time for the celtics to sell rondo while hes hot. RONDO JEFF GREEN JERMAINE AND OUR TWO FIRST ROUND PICKS FOR DWIGHT HOWARD… make it happen wyc and we will be a dynasty again for the next 5 years (along with orlando getting some young pieces and picks in return for howard)