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Reason #9,999 Why Rondo is Awesome

The NBA lockout keeps teasing and tormenting us with billionaires and millionaires incessantly fighting over piles of cash that even Scrooge McDuck would shake his head over.  So unfortunately, we've all been relegated to random all-star barnstorming tours that feature nothing but dunks and no defense which amounts to glorified street ball games.  Rajon Rondo has taken part in a handful of these games but there has been no highlight better than this one from "The State Farm Big Blue All Star Tour," whatever that is.  Enjoy this one-handed-over-the-head-from-the-three-point-line alley-oop to Kenneth Faried and try not to let your jaw break as it hits the floor:


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  • Someone should tweet this to Dwight. He might want to see what he can expect with Rondo as a teammate.

  • Kenneth Faried is a beast! I see him as a Lamarcus Aldridge type player.

  • Classic!

  • Well fucking said.
    – BRADinLA

  • RR9 is beast

    Rondo is way better then D-Rose,D-Wil,and CP3 cause RR9 is a true PG. He plays lockdown d, passes better then any other player in the NBA. PG’s aren’t supposed to score (that doesnt mean Russel and Derrick aren’t sweet just not as good as Rondo) their supposed to set up others to score. Rondo scores when he needs to play allstar caliber D rebounds well for a guard and (of course) passes. That’s why Rajon Rondo is not just the best point guard in the league but the best player too (suck it Kobe ha xD).