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KG deserves better than this

From a piece I wrote on Crossover Chronicles about Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan:

With each passing day, with each additional cancellation, fans that had recently been falling for the sport turn more apathetic.  And while hardcore fans will remain, the casual fans who would learn about the game, its history, and its best players, will miss out on the true appreciation of what these guys meant to basketball.  The fact is, after 14 to 16 years, you forget just how amazing these guys were in their younger years when their bodies would cooperate more readily with their minds and talent.  With this lockout alienating more people as time passes, fewer people get to appreciate their true greatness. 

These guys maybe playing their last games in the NBA this season.  They have meant too much to the game to go out like this… with a labor mess ruining the start of the season and turning fans off.  

Just another disgusting aspect to this thing.

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  • Couldn’t agree more with these sentiments. As a guy who hadn’t followed the NBA for almost 10 years and recently came back, this whole thing is really discouraging.