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The rant of an angry basketball fan

Nba-broke-logo Raise your hand if you are furious at NBA ownership.

I understand [some] owners are losing money. I understand the current revenue split is advantageous to the players. I understand the system needs an overhaul.

But what the owners are asking of the players is unrealistic. This type of change needs to be gradual. Something that occurs over the course of multiple CBAs.

Do you remember what the big sticking point was back in 2005? The owners wanted an age minimum and a decrease in the maximum salary. The players agreed, in return for a higher percentage of the BRI.

Six years later we have owners screaming about lost revenue. You mean there were no signs back in 2005? These guys are businessmen, after all. No one saw the writing on the wall?

What they really want is a CBA that protects them from… themselves. $20 million for Darko? $30 million for Jerome James? The list of wretched contracts goes on and on and on…

I guarantee this phrase was not spoken during any negotiating session – "We need to get this done for our fans."

The arrogance of ownership to remove their product from our lives and assume that we'll come back whenever they come calling is astonishing. Screw them.

We need to teach them a lesson. Don't buy tickets. No t-shirts or apparallel. No DVDs. Contribute exactly ZERO dollars into the revenue stream. That's my plan.

You can still be a die-hard fan. Just watch the games on TV. Yes, I understand that contributes to ad revenue, but it's not MY money. Plus, I cannot walk away from the game I love.

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  • It was already a foregone conclusion that will happen. Can’t get mad about it cuz there’s nothing we can do about it. I guess we will be stuck with six to ten less games this season. That’s not TOO BAD is it?

  • It pains me, because it’s the only way I can catch C’s games (legally), but I’ve been contemplating not purchasing League Pass for the first time in years.

  • Love the passion of that article. The owners should take most of the blame for those bad contracts but in many cases the superstars force there hands in sighing someone to get them over the hump and when that guy sucks the all-star moves on. We are living in radical times overhual the system I will wait.