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Why I will always go back to the NBA

This is from a piece I wrote for Crossover Chronicles:

Basketball has been there for me. In high school, in college, and even beyond. It has taken me around the country and around the world. And now, basketball keeps giving back to me by fueling a passion that fills these, and other pages. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, the squeak of sneakers on hardwood is a siren song that demands my attention. Games on television turn me into Abed watching "Cougar Town". Enthralled. Entranced. And watching plays develop is like watching a choreographed dance. It's just too beautiful for me to ignore.

It goes on.

Basically, I'll never forgive the culprits behind this lockout, but I just can't give up the NBA.  I know some people are at that point, but I don't think I can ever get there. I assume many of you still reading this blog will feel similarly. 

In that vain, I should thank those of you who have stuck around and kept reading through he lockout.  It's been tough to find content and tough to stay interested in the minutia that now passes for NBA and Celtics news.  I understand why some people have turned away.  If I wasn't trying to blog for a living, I might do the same.  So thanks for continuing to come back for more of our lunacy.

Here's hoping basketball returns soon.  

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  • Right on. I’ve been reading, but just from mobile and not commenting. It’s harsh because I know you guys need the traffic but at the same time, wtf NBA this is who it really hurts. The fans and the guys that are here for the game.
    Get this sh*t sorted out this weekend and let’s get back to harping on Rondo’s jumper, our scant lineup, hating Varejao and pretending that we have a chance at DH.
    Keep on keepin on John.

  • I love this site and its passion for the Celtics. It sickens me these two side can’t get a deal down already. I’m starving for basketball thanks god I can stil play twice a week or I would go insane. Keep up the good work!! It matters!!!

  • We all appreciate your constant activity, which I can imagine is no easy since save for a post about a lockout every other day there is just not that much to talk about when it comes to basketball.
    Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. Just wait.

  • Always reading, rarely posting – thanks for doing your best, fellas!