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Aschburner pointing the finger at Kevin Garnett's Steve Aschburner thinks Kevin Garnett deserves some blame for the Players Union not accepting the owners offer yesterday.

Here's a brief exchange Aschburner had with a Twitter follower this morning:

Kevin Garnett's contract triggered the last lockout. His input Tues, w/ Kobe & others, might have extended this one.

@Kileraben Garnett's partly to blame for the last lockout? Rly? It falls on the one who gave him that contract. Not overpaid for deal anyway

Always said he was never overpaid. But his contract did trigger last lockout. Undeniable. He didn't do anything wrong … then.

I guess Aschburner is on the side of ownership. As an employee of, doesn't he work for the league?

The union sent this letter to players this morning, updating them of yesterday's negoatiating session. There's also a reference to a players-only meeting this weekend. Might that meeting be used to gauge the temperature of the masses? Are they really willing to lose games?

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  • If that’s the logic then Miami Heat’s contracts for LeBron James Dwayne Wade Chris Bosh set up the lock up for this round. Maybe Stern should enforce contrition as he has mentioned earlier & shut down the markets that can’t sustain a NBA team. Atlanta lost their NHL team due to financial trouble so if the NBA is struggling in that city too doesn’t it make sense to find a market that can sustain the sport or pay to have star players like Pat Riley did rather than just crying about the losses. Isn’t that why Pat Riley paid huge dollars for the Heat 3 because they couldn’t fill the seats & losing $$. The Heat Big 3 brought back the pple & $$. Isn’t that why there is a concern should Chris Paul leave his team. Isn’t kevin Durant the one that put OKC back into the market $ and so on it goes. So yea star players get the big bucks but the owners are making big dollars having them on their roster too.
    The only decent player MN had going for them at the time was KG. Without him how many seats would have they filled?
    By the way the NHL team when in Atlanta couldn’t sell tickets well their new home in Winnipeg sold out the whole season tickets in 2 hours.

  • Shouldn’t it be “pointing the finger at Kevin Garnett”?

  • Yes… oops. It’s been changed