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Brian Wilson is awesome, Drake sucks at everything

This is the latest NBA 2K12 ad.  And I know that Drake was probably told what to say, but I don't care.  He still sucks at everything.  His whiny autotune music makes him the Ross Geller of rap (he even LOOKS like Ross).  And the line "today's Miami Heat play above the rim, Larry Bird couldn't reach the rim" is one of the dumbest basketball lines ever uttered.  If someone wrote that for him, that person should be punched in the kidney.  If Aubrey ad-libbed that himself, then Rick Ross needs to sit him.  

Meanwhile, San Francisco Giants closer (born in Massachusetts, raised in New Hampshire) is typically awesome.  Just check out this still:

And I love the line "Bird laid it up, like a real man".  

The fact that today's Miami Heat, even in a commercial, are in any sort discussion for best team of all time is vomit-enducing.  This is NBA 2K12's first flub in what has been a flawless campaign.  Not that they care.  We're still talking about it.  

Oh, did I mention Drake sucks? 

Because….. he does. 

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  • I can’t stop laughing at Brian Wilson. Pure gold.

  • There’s another commercial featuring just Drake and Jordan. Drake says that today’s Miami Heat can beat anybody, yet he fails to mention the loss to Dallas in the Finals. For a team that has accomplished nothing, their “fans” sure are brass.
    And I don’t get the guy mentioning the ’91 Blazers either. Another team that accomplished nothing.

  • Perhaps you can strike a deal with the NBA2K12 people and just show us the video game versions of all the good games we are now missing…. maybe some money in it for you guys…