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CP3 charity game turns into dunkfest

We knew there would not be any defense in last night's Chris Paul charity game, but these guys really put on a show. This was easily the most entertaining of all the lockout games thus far. Each team had over 70 points at halftime, and there were some sick dunks thrown down.

My personal favorite is John Wall's off-the-wall, off-the-floor, catch and windmill, and KD's through the legs was pretty incredible too. Lebron James caught a DWade alley-oop with one-hand, and was eye-level with the rim when he crammed it home. That led to Lebron stopping and staring down the crowd in true Lebron fashion. Not a fan of the kid personality-wise, but what an incredible athlete. Video courtesy of HoopMixTape.


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  • Love that matador defense 🙂

  • Calling it “matador” give it too much credit.
    I know these guys are just putting on a show, but these games are a dunk contest and nothing more. At some point, it gets a little old.

  • I love how the video called it the best “game” i only saw one person running at any given moment of these highlights. I seen better “games” playing with a nerf hoop with my friends as children