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Your Morning Dump…. Are the owners going soft?


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NBA commissioner David Stern offered a new proposal to the players' union in Tuesday's labor talks that modestly budged from the owners' long-held position on establishing a hard cap, according to league sources familiar with the negotiations.

Sources told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher that the owners did not offer players a finite annual team limit on salaries but as of Tuesday night were willing to relax the cap only if the following conditions are met:

•The "Larry Bird exception," which allows teams to exceed the cap to retain their own free agents regardless of their other committed salaries, is limited to one player per team per season.

•The mid-level exception, which the league valued at $7.4 million last season and could be extended by as many as five years, is reduced in length and size.

•The current luxury tax, the $1-for-$1 penalty a team must pay to the league for the amount it exceeds the salary cap, is to be severely increased.

ESPN – Ric Bucher

The owners easing up on their demand for a hard cap is good news, but as Bucher points out, there are a ton of sticking points.

In addition to all the items above, the BRI issue still needs to be resolved.

I smell progress…

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  • The owners are not going “soft,” but they seem to acing more reasonable now. Removing the hard cap was a good idea because that was getting both sides nowhere. Stricter controls on who gets max money is a far better idea. By limiting teams to only signing one max player per season is a start; however, I believe it should go further alowing only one max player per team, period. In addition, the max player can only be a player that is currenty from that team, not from any other.
    Such measures would provent guys like Pat Riley Mark Cuban, Danny Ainge, Mitch Kupchack, Otis Smith, etc to load up on max players because they can. Also the CBA sdhould make it even less desirable for players to leave their teams in free agency by removing the sign and trade option. Because right now, teams are literally held hostage and are forced to make less than fair deals or be left with nothing as the case with Toronto and Cleveland.
    Reducing the MLE is a start, but I think it should be outright removed because it has created a class of overpaid players who have a sense of entitlemant. That’s not a good attuitude only in sports, but also life in general. Most of us are not entitled to anything, why should over paid pre-madonna athletes should be? In that way, people who truly deserve the money will be paid accordinly.