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Delonte West has a beef with Chocolate Drop

Delonte West aka @CharleeRedz13 aka "Butterscotch" has a bone to pick with rapper Kevin Hart aka Chocolate Drop."

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  • I realize I am the old white dude, but who the hell is Chocolate Drop?

  • “Chocolate Drop” is just a character that comedian Kevin Hart does. If you click that Chocolate Drop link in the post it’s a YT video of Kevin Hart doing the character..

  • D West….”autistic or artistic”? I’d say neither but he’s closer to the former. Everytime I see Delonte in one of these ridiculous videos I realize two things. One, D West has no talent as a rapper/entertainer, other than the obvious unintentional humor. Secondly, the way he rolls on a minimum deal, dude will be broke before he’s done playing.
    The most disturbing thing about this video, is Delonte tells his buddy to buy him a pack of smokes! I know he’s partial to the chronic, but cigarettes? Jesus! Not that shocking considering it’s Delonte, but this is 2011….not 1972…..does KG know about this?