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Derek Fisher says the owners are in disarray

Derek Fisher – President of the NBA Flopping Club Players Union – sent a letter to each player clarifying the current labor situation. Here's an excerpt:

The most recent meetings in New York were effective. What you have been told by your agents, representatives and the media is probably speculative and inaccurate.

What actually happened in those meetings was discussion, brainstorming and a sharing of options by both sides. The turning point this past Tuesday was not a disagreement between the players and the owners. It was actually a fundamental divide between the owners internally. They could not agree with each other on specific points of the deal and therefore it caused conflict within the league and its owners.

So it is our hope that today, Thursday, at the owners meeting in Dallas that they work out their differences, come up with a revenue sharing plan that will protect their teams and are then ready to come together and sign off on the agreement we as a smaller group deemed reasonable.

If Fisher is speaking the truth, then the owners need to unify their position immediately before negotiating with the players.

NBA ownership continues to look worse as the lockout progresses. As John pointed out during the daily Red's Army conference call, David Stern needs to intervene and unify the owners.

It's all on you Stern.

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  • This from the guy who told the Jazz he wanted to be let out of his contact to sign with a team that was closer to his child who was getting treatment in New York. He then turned around and signed with the Lakers. And the the players should trust him

  • I dislike Fisher for a lot of reasons,and I hate that he’s the guy in front of the media.