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Celtics Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo Saves a Life

Jay September 15, 2011 Uncategorized 1 Comment

Back in August of 1993 one of the biggest tragedies in Celtics history took place when Reggie Lewis was just shooting baskets, collapsed and died from a heart condition.  Many times we all play pickup ball just wanting to ge ta good run in with some friends or other ballers.  Sure we all have that random knee issue, back pain, swollen ankle or sprained finger that lingers in the back of our minds while playing.  ('I'll just pop some Advil, get a quick game or two in then pass out on the couch).  Rarely do any of us expect our lives to be in danger.

For Chuck Conley of Belmont, MA, he unfortunately had to deal with this issue very suddenly.  Fortunately for Mr. Conley, he was lucky that Celtics strength and conditioning coach Bryan Doo was there to save his life

Great job by Bryan Doo to help out.  No doubt he should at the very least, be recognized as one of the "Heroes Among Us" during Celtics home games.  That's quite a scare no doubt, but good to know that we have great people like Mr. Doo that are willing and capable to save lives.

(h/t to @ScottIsaacs who is a producer for WCVB TV Boston)

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