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Rondo Continues his Summer Workouts in Louisville

Rajon Rondo has been pretty active during the summer of the lockout in the NBA.  This video was posted by fellow University of Kentucky alumni Nazr Mohammed, and shows Rondo doing various drills on the track to strengthen the legs, while also improving speed, agility, balance and quickness.  There is no sound, but it's always interesting to see the various workouts that players use to train.


In this second video, we see Rondo and company doing a classic training exercise: Stadium Sprints:


(h/t to @sanabeans for posting this on her Twitter timeline)

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  • Who’s the lucky guy that gets to run behind the girl on all the trips up the stairs?

  • I’m glad that Rondo and Nazr are spending a lot of time together this summer. Nazr is a free agent, and a mean SOB. I’ve thought for a while that he’d be a good option off the bench. Though he’s into his mid-30s now. Not exactly the youth movement we’ve been talking about.

  • Damn look at Rondo on those Box jumps compared to everyone else, he is almost back in the air before he hits the ground. I love seeing things that show just how great these athletes are.

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