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Jeff Green Loves the City of Boston

Once the NBA players and owners are finally able to come to a resolution and end the lockout, the season will officially begin.  Well prior to that, there will be a period of frenetic free agency action in order for teams to fill out their rosters.  The Celtics have plenty of roster spots to fill, and one of those spots is likely to be filled by Jeff Green, either via the qualifying option that was picked up or an extension of some sort depending on the new CBA rules.  Green recently spoke with Michael Lee of the Washington Post and touched upon a few subjects, including his love for the city of Boston:

On his free agent status and if he's stressed about where he ends up playing:

“I just want to play basketball, wherever it’s at. I love Boston and the city of Boston welcomed me with open arms when the trade happened. Boston is a great city.”

“Not at all. I have one of the best agents in the game, David Falk,” Green said. “He’s going to make sure I’m in a good position. He does his job and I do mine. I leave it up to him to try to make sure everything is intact when that time comes.”


On the lockout:

“I’ve dealt with it the best I can,” Green said in a phone interview. “I’ve tried to keep myself busy. I’m still trying to stay in the loop with things going on, but not letting it get to me. It’s tough to be in that position, to possibly be sitting out. But you just have to do what you have to do to make things happen and if it doesn’t, try to do things to take your mind off it and continue to work until you’re called back to work.”

On playing in an exhibition game with LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul:

 “That was crazy. I loved it,” Green said of the atmosphere in Baltimore two weeks ago. “I was just ready to have that opportunity during the summer to play against Carmelo, LeBron, Chris Paul all on the same team. It felt good to get some reps in against those guys. Those are guys I’m going to see a lot in the upcoming year. It was cool to get some run with them.”

Green is also slated to play in a DC area exhibition game as well as another Goodman League game in Indianapolis if the lockout isn't resolved by then.  He's not worried at all about the risk of injury:

“That’s why I have insurance. I’m all taken care of, so I just go out there and play basketball. Hopefully, I go out there and play injury free. But I’m covered, so it’s all good.”

The Celtics will most likely retain Green for at least one more season but all of that could go out the window if the new CBA rules are drastically changed.  As much scrutiny as there has been over a role player in Celtics history, he'll be a vital player for them next season if they plan on making one final run at banner #18.  There's not much better out there in terms of players that can back up both Paul Pierce and Ray Allen (please, forget that 'Pierce coming off the bench' nonsense).  Like him or not, the C's will need him to be more of the player he was in Game 2 against Miami when Pierce went down with a minor injury.  The key will be retaining him at the right cost in terms of both dollars and years.

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  • rondo jeff green and our 2 first round picks (la clippers lottery protected ) for dwight howard. Both sides come away happy with dwight howard being one of the best players in the nba while orlando lands good young pieces to build around as well as two extra first round picks. i think both sides could agree on this deal.

  • That would be great for the C’s but not even Otis Smith is that crazy. You’re talking about the (far and away) best center in the league for Rondo and some spare change. They dont even need a point guard, nobody needs Jeff Green, and the C’s pick is the last pick in the draft if we got Howard. There’s no way in hell Orlando is gonna trade Superman to anybody, especially an eastern rival. We would have a way better chance of just signing him outright when his deal comes up. I could see him being sick of Stan VG and the roster shake-ups and maybe want a fresh start somewhere else…..but there’s no combination of guys on our roster that would be anywhere near equal value to a guy just entering the prime of what will surely be a hall-of-fame career.
    By the way, Orlando once traded a pretty good big man away, just as he was entering his prime…..that didn’t go so well for them.

  • Well technically, they didn’t trade Shaq (if that’a who you’re referring to). Even worse, he signed with the Lakers and Orlando got nothing in return for him. They were in a real tough position then because they had just lost in the NBA Finals the year before (1995) and made it to the ECF and got swept by the Bulls (that famed 1996 Jordan 72 win team).
    So, back then they were a legitimate title contender with Penny Hardaway, Nick Anderson, Dennis Scott, etc… so even though they knew Shaq was going to leave, you still try to squeeze out a title.
    Unfortunately MJ ripped through the league that year and made history.

  • well the way orlando could look at it is they could get nothing for him and let him walk or they could get something. plus for some reason the rest of the country seems to beleive rondo is a great pg. I know it would be hard to pull off but if the celtics front office could somehow do it were talking dynasty again for the celtics.