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Your Morning Dump… Shaq rips off the Perkins trade scab

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I truly believe that if I didn’t get injured, we (Celtics) would have beaten Miami, and we could have beaten Dallas. Usually when it’s really a bad injury, you get one (cortisone) shot, and then you feel better and play. But I got shot after shot, and I was scared to get an MRI. I knew my Achilles’ tendon was ripped the whole time. I did everything from acupuncture, cortisone and therapy. It felt good when I initially came back, but I ripped it some more.

My mind was on winning the whole thing, and we had a chance to get the second spot (in the Eastern Conference), and we ended up getting the fourth spot. I even told (Boston General Manager) Danny Ainge not to do the Kendrick Perkins deal with Oklahoma City. I told them I might not be ready, and I’m definitely not coming back. Those guys did what they’ve got to do. I wasn’t surprised; I’ve seen it before. They say all that blah, blah, but you know it’s always going to be something different.


Thanks Shaq for ripping off this scab. I thought I was done commenting on the Kendrick Perkins/Jeff Green trade but this story has forced my hand.

Whether Shaq was healthy or not, Danny Ainge thought Kendrick Perkins was an expendable asset. Period.

Where we aware that Shaq's Achilles was ripped? Had I known the injury was so severe, I would have written him off much earlier in the season. 

On Page 2, Derek Fisher's optimistic text message to players.

On the heels of Roger Mason's now-infamous tweet in which the NBPA vice president wrote, "Looking like a season. How u," but later claimed his account was hacked, one league source claims that union president Derek Fisher text-messaged numerous players last week indicating that some progress had been made and imploring them to be physically prepared just in case the season started on time. There was another curious happening on Thursday, when — according to ESPN's Chris Broussard — NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver attended the U.S. Open with Wasserman Media Group CEO, Casey Wasserman.

The owners are easing up. The players are caving. The season will happen.

The rest of the links:

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  • So the result of this whole Shaq/Perk mess is that the Celtics have J.O. as a starting center. If the season started today, Baby would be the back-up. Nice.