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Your Morning Dump… Was my optimism was premature?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

An even more crucial phase begins next week, with the two sides bringing their full bargaining committees together Tuesday for a final push before meeting separately with their broader constituents — the owners at the Board of Governors meeting in Dallas and the players in Las Vegas, both on Thursday. The days between now and then are without a doubt the most important in the NBA since the hours ticked away to salvage a shortened season during the 1998-99 lockout.

According to five people who have been briefed on the negotiations, there has been no formal movement on the two topics that dominated the three sessions over the past two weeks: the split of revenues and the cap system. That could change Tuesday if the owners make a formal proposal, which would be the first in the negotiations since the players added a sixth year to their proposal on June 30.

"The reality is, until one side or the other is ready to make significant movement, nothing is going to happen," one of the people briefed on the talks said.

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How could Roger Mason, VP of Players Union, walk out of a meet thinking the season would be salvaged if neither side had broached the topic of revenues and a salary cap? I don't have my MBA, but those appear to be serious issues.

I'm praying all those recent media reports of optimism aren't garbage.

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  • Time to change the poll question to “Will the season start on time?”

  • Lets just hope for the best. I miss jawing against Celtics fans (LOL)