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How the Celtics are treating season ticket holders, Pt II


Back in July, we posted a copy of an email letter the Celtics sent to season-ticket holders informing them that money in their account would generate market rate interest.

Our season-ticket holder informant now tells us the Celtics are giving him three options:

1. 8% APR per game and no increase in playoff or next season ticket prices.

2. 4% APR per game with playoff and next season ticket pricing done on a case by case basis.

3. Full refund

For those wondering, our informant is going with Option 1. Probably a good move considering the optimism Chris Sheridan was reporting yesterday.

As I stated in the original post, I believe owners are doing right by season ticket holders. Now if they would just end this damn lockout.

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  • I want to pass along this email from Big Hank:
    The guy you’re using for season ticket holder info is leaving out some important details. The first 2 options are correct, however, all the options contain fine print. The third option, although one would assume is a basic full refund, is not the case. IF you choose option 3, you will receive a check (requested) or credit to the card in which it was originally charged at the end of EACH IN SEASON MONTH for the exact amount you missed in games not played…ex. if the tickets are 100 for a pair per game…and there are 7 games you get 700 + the possible 1% market rate. Now..This only applies to games not played. Therefore, IF by some stroke of magic the NBA hosts a partial season, you are not eligible for a refund of those games regardless of circumstances. ex. if the NBA opens for business on January 1, 2012….you are still financially responsible for the remaining games of the shortened season and you will not receive any refund. Long and short…if the NBA has a season (partial or otherwise) you will not get your money back. You cannot get a full refund (season is paid a year in advance). You can only receive a refund for the exact amount of games per month NOT PLAYED.
    So what’s the problem ?? Sweet monthly check right? nooooppe. The quality of basketball in shortened seasons is junk (fact) 1. injuries 2. sloppy play 3. lower tiered and younger teams will be terrible 3. interest is low nationwide driving demand for tickets into Lowell Spinners status 4. ticket values plummet 5. advertising drops and so goes the $$ with it. Good luck selling your tix in January and Feb for less than wat u paid while the world is watching the NFL. Payin full price for a watered and shortened season? Get real
    Dear season tix holders that we require to pay entirely upfront for the season…sure we’ll pay you back.. kinda
    meanwhile your $ sits in our acct accruing interest for US NOT YOU DUMBASSES …as we decide to gradually give it back .
    If you want option 1 or 2 great..not a bad deal but if like most people you cant afford to flat out lose anywhere from 4400 to 150k in a given fiscal yr to not watch, attend or even think about basketball. Sure you’re 8% is good…good if you can wait at least another year to get it.
    Missed entire season?? moot point right you get your loot back month to month….with the option to buy them back when the NBA resumes….at the newly discussed market rate of course…more than that shiny 1% u worked, so sweet.
    Ownership has been DECENT- at best