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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s play is a concern

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FACT OR FICTION: Rajon Rondo's up-and-down play is a concern. 

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston: Fiction, but only if President Barack Obama says so. Are there troubling portions of Rondo's 2010-11 season? Of course (attempts at rim down more than a shot per game, career-low free throw percentage). But he's still the straw that stirs the Big Three drink. 

ESPN Boston:  C's 5 offseason questions

I wasn't asked to join the panel because all the ESPN and TrueHoop guys wanted to keep it within the network.  But I'm going to answer all the questions here anyway.  Follow that link for all 5 answers from our boy Chris Forsberg and the guys from Celtics Hub.

Rondo's Up & Down Play A Concern:  Fiction.  I'm not one of the doomsday folks that goes nuts when Rondo misses jumpers.  He's never going to be a knock-down, mid-range shooter.  Deal with it.  Yes, he's got improvements that need to be made, but I'm not concerned because I think he'll make them… including improving his jumper.  Most of his adjustment, I think, are mental, and he'll make them as he continues to grow.

2. Fact or Fiction: The Celtics should consider trading Ray Allen:  Fact.  I'm only saying this in the sense that all options should be considered.  I'm not advocating trading Ray.  But it depends on the situation.  I don't want to get into a "Perkins" situation where the C's are making a last minute move… but if the C's find themselves in a position where the team isn't going to win it all, then trading Ray to a contender could help us get younger, faster, and (I hate to mention this part) shorten rebuilding process.

3. Fact or Fiction: Boston should bring back Jeff Green and Glen Davis.  Fact. 

Like Chris Forsberg says, our expectations were unreasonably high for Jeff Green.  We need to bring them more in line.  Secondly, the Celtics don't have much choice.  With 6 guys under contract, the C's need to fill out their roster somehow.  And the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.  I'd rather deal with these two than with some new guys that may not be as good.  They have flaws, but we still need these guys and they can fill a valuable role.

4. Fact or Fiction: The C's will go as far as Kevin Garnett takes them.  Fiction, sort of.  This is a case of the phrasing of the question.  KG won't "take" the C's to the championship in the sense that he won't lead them day-in, day-out.  But if KG goes down, then forget it.  The Celtics will need to win as a team, and part of that team is KG's impact on the defensive end.  So rephrase that question slightly and it's a fact.  KG is still supremely important the team.

5. Fact or Fiction: The Celtics' title window has closed.  Fiction.  There are too many variables to call that a fact.  But the heart of this question, which we keep hearing, is whether Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and KG are too old to lead the team.  And the answer is no, they're not.  They're good enough to get the job done, but they're going to need more help.  The reason why the Celtics lost to Miami is not because the Big 3 were too old, but because the Celtics bench was terrible and it forced the starters to play too much.  If the C's bench was better, the C's wouldn't have faded at the end of those games.  

Those are my answers.  Again, follow that link at the top for their answers.  Feel free to give us your answers in the comments or on our Facebook page

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  • A strike shortened season could be just what this vet team needs to go all the way. They play great for about 40 games and then lose interest or get worn down. This could be just what Doc ordered…

  • rondo jeff green and our 2 first round picks (la clippers lottery protected ) for dwight howard. Both sides come away happy with dwight howard being one of the best players in the nba while orlando lands good young pieces to build around as well as two extra first round picks. i think both sides could agree on this deal.

  • im a little confused by your post here..perhaps you should consider just changing this site to because the fanboy stuff is getting out of hand…Rondo is a huge huge concern…he has regressed in any shot beyond a layup(his free throw percentage is shaq-like, pathetic for a guard) , coming off a major injury and further more his attitude is perfectly depicted in the graphic you put up..”just deal with it” seems to be his approach to his abysmal shooting..while Ray arguably had his best season as a celtic..working tirelessly at his game and basically being the only motion in a majority of the sets the celtics run. Trading Ray would destroy the offense and make the GIGANTIC holes in your boy Rondos game in bigger.