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Sheridan: A deal could get done in time to save the season

RedsArmyAdmin September 6, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off


I believe a settlement will be reached that will not only save the season, but also enable the NBA to have an “all is forgiven” honeymoon period (similar to what the NFL just experienced following its labor settlement) in which the frenzy of free agents signings, trades, training camps and exhibition games will make everyone forget all of the doomsday talk they've been hearing all summer.

I go into a lot more detail in that link.  It's a very positive story that lays out the timeline for a settlement that could save an 82 game season. 

Which raises a question:  Why is everyone else so negative?  Is Chris Sheridan just an overly optimistic guy?  Or have the rest of the writers out there just fallen into the "well, the season is probably lost" trap?  Honestly, the negative stuff is easier to write.  I'm not saying writers are being lazy… I'm just asking if they've been trapped into not seeing this from another perspective.  

Regardless, Sheridan's piece is like a seeing what may be an oasis as you cross the desert.  Only time will tell if it's real, or just a mirage.

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