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Your Morning Dump… Jermaine O’Neal to play in Lockout League

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As many as eight teams, featuring seven or eight players each, will play daily starting Sept. 12. The series will end with two days of playoffs, with a championship game Sept. 23. Games will be officiated and played under N.B.A. rules, albeit with 10-minute quarters and without coaches barking from the benches.

The plan is to sell tickets (about 500 a day, with proceeds donated to charity) and to stream the games live on the Internet.

Teams will be assembled with an eye toward parity and with an emphasis on keeping N.B.A. teammates together. Billups will probably be joined by his Knicks teammates Shawne Williams and Iman Shumpert. Another roster will feature at least four Rockets: Kyle Lowry, Chuck Hayes, Chase Budinger and Courtney Lee. Mo Williams and DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers will form the core of a team, with hopes that their teammate Blake Griffin, last season’s rookie of the year, will join them.

Others who have committed include J. J. Hickson of the Kings, Eric Maynor of the Thunder, Al Harrington of the Nuggets, Jermaine O’Neal of the Celtics and Jared Dudley of the Suns.

Box scores will be kept. Standings will be posted. The stakes may be minimal, but the egos will be active. The competition level should be much higher than the typical summer exhibition. This will not be an all-star game.

New York Times – Lockout League set to tip-off in Vegas

With no end to the lockout in site, I'll take any form of basketball involving NBA athletes. Streaming games, stats and standings will also help us bring the action to you.

If this goes well, organizers will try it again in October, and maybe November and December. A successful first run might also lure bigger stars to play in the future.

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  • Seems to me that JO oughta save the 15-20 times he’ll actually be physically able to play for something that @%#%ing matters. (I can see Wyc wanting to blow off the whole season, simply on the basis of not wanting to give that slug another 7 mil to ice his knees for 70 games.)