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Your Morning Dump… All-star dreams for Boston

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Although Boston may be the most storied city in league history, it has not hosted an NBA All-Star Game since 1964. As soon as the lockout concludes, Houston is expected to be officially announced as the host city – for the second time in seven years – for the 2013 game.

It is believed that ownership squabbles between the Celtics and the Bruins, as well as disagreements with the mayor over the past several years, have grounded any plans for the February classic to return to Boston. But Mayor Thomas Menino said the days of infighting within Boston’s sports and political infrastructure are over.

“We haven’t had it since ’64 and I think we’re ready for it,’’ Menino said. “We have new ownership, new enthusiasm, the fan base out here for it, and I just think we have the facility and everything ready to go.

“I hope that the NBA makes the decision in the near future to bring the All-Star Game to our city.’’

There is only a tight circle of cities hosting the game because several have passed on the financial commitment in today’s economic landscape. So Los Angeles, Houston, Orlando, Dallas, and Phoenix, among others, are taking turns. The Celtics would have to file a formal proposal to host the game, and co-owner Wyc Grousbeck has said his team is interested in joining the rotation.

Globe – Sunday Basketball Notes

It's a shame a city with passionate basketball fans hasn't hosted the All-Star game in 40+ years. 

There are obstacles to bringing the game to Boston. The league tends to schedule the game in southern cities. Let's be honest, February in Boston is brutal. And the TD Garden is a C+ arena when it comes to amenities. I've also heard about logistical issues with the hosting the NBA related events during All-Star weekend.

I'm surprised to hear Mayor Menino is backing the idea. He's the guy who refuses to allow a rallying point during championship parades. He also nixed the Garden viewing party for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The fan enthusiasm he speaks about has always been there and the new Garden's been around for 15 years. 

It's a nice thought…but I wouldn't bet on it.

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  • rondo jeff green and our 2 first round picks (la clippers lottery protected ) for dwight howard. Both sides come away happy with dwight howard being one of the best players in the nba while orlando lands good young pieces to build around as well as two extra first round picks. i think both sides could agree on this deal.

  • Rondo for Dwight? Not sure I’d do it. Where do we get a point guard that can run the team as well as him? He may not be as good as Chris Paul at the moment but he’s one of the best in the league. Keep in mind, I really want DH12 in green but my dream is Rondo and Dwight ruling the league.

  • rondo isnt even a top 5 pg, and in my book hes not a top 10 pg. dwight howard is easily the 2nd or third best player in the nba depending on how u rate. It should be no question at all if we have to give up rondo to get a player like dwight . What rondo has in the ever important stat of “desicion making” delonte west can make up with the ability to shoot and play good defense as well as a cheap replacement.(I mean in all reality team defenses against the celtic last year were to not play defense on rondo bc he couldnt shoot which meant it was basically 4 on 5). Now get the fact that dwight howard would be playing with kg pierce and ray ray and we are without doubt preseason favorites and a contender for years to come. Then when the big 3 retire we go out and sign 2 big name free agents to pair with dwight for years to come (Maybe CP3 if he can lured by dwight to come to the most historic and championship winning franchise)