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The ripple effect of KG choosing Boston over LA

RedsArmyAdmin September 2, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on The ripple effect of KG choosing Boston over LA

Yesterday, we passed along the story of Kevin Garnett being thiiiiis close to signing with the Lakers.  And just like everyone else, it got me to wondering what would have happened had he done that. 

So I wrote it up on Crossover Chronicles… and found how far this decision reached.

If Kevin Garnett had gone to Los Angeles, Javaris Crittenton would not have been traded to Memphis in the Gasol trade.  That means he would not have been traded to Washington.  And that means the Gilbert Arenas gun incident never happens.   

Where do we go from there?  Who knows.  Without the gun incident, maybe Arenas doesn't get run out of town.  He may have, because he still acts like an ass whenever he can, but the circumstances almost certainly would have been quite different.  Maybe John Wall goes somewhere else.   And Orlando's fate certainly changes as well.  

Remember, it was Crittenton and Arenas who pulled guns on each other.  Without Crittenton, that whole scenario never goes down.  Arenas might still be in Washington.  Crittenton, meanwhile, may have gone to Minnesota instead of Memphis in a trade for Garnett.  From there, who knows how his life changes.  Does he find a niche and stay with the TWolves?  Does he get traded to another team?  And does he go down a path in life different enough that he's not accused of killing a woman in a drive-by shooting?  

Kobe's bitching in LA caused a huge ripple effect that completely change the Celtics… but also completely changed Gilbert Arenas' life.  Maybe its just me… but I'm amazed at how connected all this is.

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