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KG doesn’t trust anyone

Chuck - Red's Army September 1, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on KG doesn’t trust anyone


Kevin Garnett spoke with Dan Patrick on "The Dan Patrick Show" earlier this morning. Thanks to the diligent work of Mr. Triple Double10, we have some (loose) quotes from KG.

On the lockout:

"You trust no one (owners) in this to be honest."

Do the owners want a season:

"I don't know if they do… I can't see blowing away the season, but both sides are prepared for that (losing the season)""

On nearly joining the Lakers in 2007.

"I was pretty close at the time… It was my choice not to go to the Lakers. There was a lot going on (in LA) so I wanted no part of it."

Patrick asked Garnett if his reluctance had anything to do with the Kobe Bryant/Phil Jackson feud. KG would only say "a lot was going on."

Translation – he wanted no part of that bitch fest.

Thank you Kobe Bryant for being a petulant child.

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