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Ultimate 1-on-1: The Final 4


We're down to our Ultimate Final 4 after Larry Bird's dismissal of Kevin Garnett.  LB took almost 70% of the vote to sent KG home.  He'll move on to face Bill Russell, but first, Paul Pierce faces Kevin McHale to see who'll be the first to the Finals.  

(2) Paul Pierce
1-on-1 Advantage: Scoring, shooting, size.  Pierce is a total 1-on-1 package.  Tommy Heinsohn calls him the best pure scorer in Celtics history for a reason.  Pierce can hit from long range, he can drive and dunk on you, and he can hit that deadly step back from mid-range.  Pierce uses his size in many ways.  He uses his shoulders to hold off defenders on drives and he can back a smaller guy down if he wants.  He's also a pretty good rebounder for a 3-man.  

1-on-1 Disadvantage:  Speed.  The only place Pierce may lack is some foot speed.  He's still a pretty good defender despite that, but he is still susceptible to a quick first step.  A smaller quick guard could get by Pierce if he plays too tight.

(6) Kevin McHale

 1-on-1 Advantage:  Shooting, scoring, defense.  McHale is regarded as having the best post moves of any big man in history.  His array of moves will help him score against any big man out there.  And people forget that at the end of his time in Boston, he was hitting open 3's… so he can hit jumpers if he needs to.  Defensively, those long arms of his make shooting over him very difficult.

1-on-1 Disadvantage:  Speed, ballhandling
McHale is a 6'10" guy with arms that hang to his ankles.  He's not crossing anyone over.  And he's not winning any foot races.  He can back a guy down and hold the ball out of reach with those orangutan arms of his, but that's the end of it. 

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  • As I said in the beginning, if this comes down to anything other than Bird vs. Pierce it would be ridiculous.

  • You can’t stop the blackhole what’s the ball is in his hands Paul will never get it back.

  • Jp

    This is the first matchup where I’ve really wondered about the rules of the game. Is it make it take it? Is there a three point (or two point) shot? If it’s make it take it, seems to me the game is heavily in Kevin’s favor. Paul can’t hit all his jumpers, but as Ainge still lives said, you can’t stop the blackhole.

  • Right above the voting thing, we have this:
    “Remember, you’re choosing based on who would win a 1-on1 matchup between these two players. We’re not basing this on who was better historically. The rules are simple: It’s a game of 1-on-1 to 11. All baskets count for 1 point. If you make the basket, you take the ball. Which of these two guys do you think would come out on top?”

  • Jp

    Ahh yes. I remember that now. Well then I’m still thinking McHale would win this one. McHale was a pretty decent defender so he could force some bad shots for Pierce, but I just don’t see McHale being stopped by Pierce.