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Our tribute to Tommy

RedsArmyAdmin August 26, 2011 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Our tribute to Tommy

Tommy Heinsohn is 77 years-old today.  We'd like to honor the man by raising a glass of scotch (or a bottle…  why get a glass dirty if you don't have to?) and toasting some of his finer moments in the C's broadcast booth.

Tommy, thanks for making Celtics games so much fun to watch. 

Best part:  

Tommy:  "I'm getting aggravated…"
Mike: "I can tell"
Tommy: "Calm me down, please!!…. stroke me… do something"
Mike:  "I'm not going there…" 

"This is absolutely…. NBA…. IT'S STUPID!!"  


"That…. is….. BOGUS!!!!"

And perhaps Tommy's finest moment:

You cheeky bastard.  Slick move, Heinsohn. 

Share your favorite Tommy moments in the comments.  Happy Birthday, big guy!

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