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Your Morning Dump… Jeff Green felt like an outsider


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“They’ve been together for a number of years,” Green said of the Celtics. “They’ve already won a championship, they’ve already have a system, they already have their chemistry and that bond on that team.

“It was tough to go into that situation.”

So what went wrong?

“It was tough to gather all that information so fast and try to gather the concepts of what they are trying to do,” Green said.

“I’ve been in the gym working, but things have been hairy,” Green said. “You never know what’s going to happen. I’m always going to be prepared. I’m just taking it day by day. There is nothing much I can do right now.

“When things get done, they get done.”

Yahoo! Sports – Green eyes future with Celtics

I want to thank Marc Spears for rehashing the painful memories of Jeff Green's first season with the Celtics.

What will you learn from this interview? Green is not a quick learner. And he does not have the personality to "do his thing" on a veteran club with strong, vocal leaders.

Like rookies, Green would have benefitted immensely from off-season workouts with his teammates and coaching staff. Oh well…

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  • I truly think Green will get his stuff figured out. He’s not crazy like Nate the Fastbreak Triples Bomber. I think we should keep him, even if it means going a bit above the qualifying offer. But not too much — we need to maintain cap flexibility.

  • Anyone with a hook shot is okay in my book.

  • Green was a wallflower not cut out for the big stage. Can anyone really see him being the primary option on a championship team? I doubt it.