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Pierce, KG, Rondo rumored to play in new summer league

Hoopsworld this morning reports a new summer league of only NBA players, including some of its biggest stars, is slated to begin in a few weeks.  Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Jermaine O'Neal and Glen Davis have all trained at Impact Basketball, which is putting on the league, and are mentioned in the report as possible players.

Impact Basketball, one of the premier basketball training sites in the world, will launch their own league in September. Unlike this summer's popular pro-am leagues that featured a few NBA players on each roster, the teams competing in Impact's league will be made up solely of professionals. Nearly 70 NBA players will compete in the league and plenty of stars will participate.

Rosters are still being assembled, but Impact has relationships with many notable players, which means this league has the potential to be very entertaining. 

The initial reaction to this has been, surprisingly to me, mixed.  On Crossover Chronicles, I wrote how I think this is a chance for players to turn this into a negotion tool.  Further, I thought it would be great to see NBA players playing ball again.  

But plenty of people out there seem to not care about this.  If you don't care, what is it you don't care about?  Is anyone else out there excited at all to see this?  

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