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Your Morning Dump… Where Satch Sanders is still a team guy

Chuck - Red's Army August 15, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Your Morning Dump… Where Satch Sanders is still a team guy

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Can the Celtics still be competitive this coming season with their core players all another year older? 

“Listen, you win because you’ve got at least nine, 10 guys that can play. That’s always the case. When you look at Dallas this year, they won because they had 10 guys that could play. No one thought that [J.J. Barea] was going to be that kind of a factor, but without him they wouldn’t have won. So you had your Jason Kidds and your [Dirk] Nowitzkis and you had the other guys, but without the contributions of [Tyson] Chandler, [Shawn] Marion and [Barea] — and before he got hurt, the other center, [Brendan] Haywood — it just would not have happened, period. So, you need all those guys, that blend. Here, the media’s getting all excited about talking about the age of the three guys, like you’re playing against all the competition, people themselves. Come on. They’re showing a lack of knowledge and feel for the game. We were too old in 1962. We were judged by the media to be too old and we couldn’t win anymore. We went on to win about six more.

ESPN Boston

Gotta love those old timers preaching the team concept in the "look-at-me" era of the NBA. And Satch proves your never too old to call out the media.

Satch is also is big fan of Paul Pierce whom he calls one of the top 5 players in franchise history.

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