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4 must have Celtics jerseys

Chuck - Red's Army August 15, 2011 Uncategorized 1 Comment on 4 must have Celtics jerseys

Aside from his regular gig of polishing balls at Souvlaki’s Greek Bowling Palace, John also writes for the NBA blog Crossover Chronicles. His latest contribution is a good one:

You Gotta Have

Larry Bird — Number 33 not only brought the Celtics back to prominence, he’s part of the triumvirate that helped rescue the NBA from the dregs of tape delay. For anyone born after 1970, Larry Bird IS the Boston Celtics. If there was a machine that could detect the instant you fell in love with the Boston Celtics, that machine would dispense a #33 jersey for you at that exact moment. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With

Bill Russell —  #6 is the greatest winner of all time.  He may be the most important figure in the team’s history.  Russell played 13 years in the NBA.  Only twice did he NOT win a championship.  No one will ever question you if you walk into Sullivan’s Tap with a 6 on your back.

“Oh, That Is Awesome!”

Tommy Heinsohn — We’ll have to work backwards on this one.  If you’ve ever caught the Celtics broadcast of a game on League Pass, then you know Tommy.  He’s the ultra-homer color man that’s never met a ref he doesn’t hate with a passion (at least during a game).  Celtics fans LOVE Tommy.  But he’s much, MUCH more than the loud, bleed-green announcer.  Tommy is a Hall of Famer whose #15 hangs from the Garden rafters.  He was the 1957 rookie of the year.  In Game 7 of the Celtics first championship, Tommy had 37 points and 23 rebounds.  Show up rocking a #15 jersey and you’ll get high-fives, and probably a few free drinks.

You’ll have to click the link for the fourth jersey (Here’s a hint – the name rhymes with Palabrine).

I sometimes take the “prospect” approach. Figure out who is going to become the next big superstar and buy his jersey. This would apply to anyone who bought a Rajon Rondo jersey in 2008. This allows you to claim superior fan intellect.

Of course, you can strike out miserably and piss away $70. Anyone wanna buy a Joe Forte jersey for $5?

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  • I have a Rondo, Pierce,KG, and Bird!! The one i really want to brag about is my Montross and Dee Brown jersey that I do have packed away in the closet somewhere!!