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Report: Kendrick Perkins arrested


KFDM has confirmed that NBA stars Kendrick Perkins and Stephen Jackson were arrested in Beaumont early Saturday morning. The two were booked into the Jefferson County jail around 4:00a.m.on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct. The charges are a class C misdemeanor. Per Texas penal code 12.23, an individual guilty of a class C misdemeanor shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $500. Both Perkins and Jackson posted bond of $150 shortly after being booked and were released.

The arrest comes after Perkins reportedly had an accident at Stephen Jackson's home in Port Arthur late Thursday night. KFDM confirmed a 27 year old male was taken from Jackson's home by ambulance to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas. The subject was treated for minor injuries and released.

A spokesperson for Perkins stated that Kendrick was suffering from dehydration and was told by doctors to rest. The Celebrity exhibition game scheduled at his basketball camp Friday afternoon was cancelled and Perkins did not attend the banquet that concluded his camp Friday night.

**Updated the headline to remove Stephen Jackson.  He apparently wasn't involved.  More here

The good news… Rajon Rondo, who was in town for Perk's celebrity basketball game, is not named in the report.

However, the not-so-credible website claims Rondo was involved in the melee. It's possible their sources mistook Rondo for Stephen Jackson, but the two stories don't match up at all.  A source also tells us that there was no shooting as was claimed in the MediaTakeOut report.

I'm more trusting of the television station report because of the details of the charges. 

I placed a call to the Beaumont police department and was directed to the KDFM website. I assume they consider that report accurate.

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  • Glad everyone’s ok. Unfortunately, this stuff is so common nowadays. NBA stars & their entourage go to a club, drunken, jealous “gangstas” start sh*t with them and someone gets arrested. Just so glad no one was hurt-these things lead to violence so often, especially when guns/alcohol/tempers are involved.

  • I agree 100%. Idiots are always looking to try atheletes for some dumb reason or another. As long as my guys are ok, then Im ok.