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Casting call for Celtics fans in DC/Baltimore

I just received this email from a production company that wishes to remain anonymous:

The show is for a network in which we are looking for fans who have knowledge of Boston sports, preferably Celtics. We are looking for them to debate topics about the Celtics (IE: Who is better Russell or Bird and so on) and also talk shop about sports memorabilia. The show is taping this Monday in Baltimore, so, we are kind of in a rush to try and book a fan. If you are interested or know fans who would be, please call Liz at 212-564-2607 ext 2631. I think whoever decides to do this would have a great time.

I have no further details. For all I know, this could be the GangGreen TV of Maryland. 

Or… if you show up and end up bound, gagged and beaten by a bunch of hardcore Wizards fans… don't blame me.

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  • hardcore Wizard’s fans?…..Good one, Mack!

  • Being a Celtics fan in MD. I saw this and gave the phone number a call this afternoon. Unfortunately I was not able to do the show taping today. The person I talked to did take my number and asked some questions and said the next time Celtics come up she would give me a call. Its everything Boston she asked about my Patriots and Red Sox knowledge as well.