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Is Redd worth the risk?

KWAPT (@KWAPT) August 10, 2011 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Is Redd worth the risk?

With the lockout making Celtics news virtually nonexistant, there's lots of time to speculate. So let's speculate a little about Michael Redd. Slam quoted a reporter from the Milwaukee Journal-Times as saying that Redd would be playing for one of "the Eastern Conference's title contenders."  

Now the first thing that comes to mind with Redd is obviously injuries. He has played 50 games or less 5 out of his 11-years in the NBA. Over the last two seasons, Redd has played in a total of 28 games. He missed pretty much all of last year while recovering from a torn MCL & ACL in his left knee. That injury was suffered in January of 2009. He then reinjured that same knee almost a year to the day later in 2010.

So yes-Redd has a significant history of major injuries, and to compound things, the Celtics are already chock-full o' over 30 guys. However, at 31, Redd isn't exactly a senior-citizen. So what do the readers think? If the price is right, do we go after Michael Redd? If guys like Marquis Daniels don't end up back in green, is Redd the type of guy who can successfully provide a scoring punch while Ray and Paul are on the bench? Now of course all of this is meaningless if this little lockout situation isn't rectified, but hey-let's pretend for a while- shall we….??


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  • yes! i’ve been stumping for him or jr smith the past 2 yrs. redd or jr smith, ray, and paul would be lethal.

  • The answer is yes. Why you say…. well i will tell you. He was drafted in the 2nd round from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY as a defensive stopper not shooter. To most peoples surprise he had an amazing shooting touch. So what you are getting is a guy who can flat out shoot and can defend in spurts. He may have lost a step or 2 but the risk is well worth the reward! I also think you could get Jason Kapono as an 11th or 12th man on the cheap who still has a couple of shots left in him and would be good insurance.

  • Would love to get Smith. Tayshaun Prince is another name being tossed-around..

  • pass on prince.. teams don’t fear him bc he’s too old and soft

  • I like Redd is it’s on the cheap, but at this point I wonder what he has left after missing basically 2 years.
    What is the obcession with JR Smith? Other than jacking up a shitload of quick 3’s that rarely go in, what does he bring? Plus he’s one of the most overpaid guys in the league. He’s one of my least favorite guys in the league and is completely 1 dimensional. I could name about 50 guys I’d rather have without even trying hard. I’d gladly take Von Wafer back before giving Smith a sniff.

  • agreed even Kapono would be a better fit Smith is a Cancer

  • Prince old and soft? He’s the same age as Redd AND has been much more healthy. Plus he can shoot and plays great defense. Who are you thinking of?
    I’d take a flyer on Redd, but Prince is a much better choice in my book.

  • Thanks for the feedback fellas. Will be interesting to see who Danny goes after IF..and it’s a big if, this freaking BS lockout ends…

  • yes prince is the better player. he's can be starter, but he's softer than vanilla ice cream on a hot day.. redd would be ideal 6/7th man off the bench

  • welcome KWAPT keep the who do think we should sign stuff coming and you will always get feedback. you could dam near go down everybody on free agent the list and you get feedback Josh Powell,Kwame Brown,Al Thornton,Jeff Foster etc…